The Role of Flownative

We are part of a community

We take pride in the fact that Neos and Flow are really community-driven projects. There is no single company behind those systems, something that is rare even in the world of FOSS solutions.

Neither is Flownative the classic company of the project founder, sitting in the middle of an ecosystem centered around itself. Instead, we see ourselves as part of a community, a partner of the project, other companies and everyone else working on and with Neos.

I am a Neos user

We run a Neos website built by our trusted agency. Sometimes we run into trouble, though.

Our services ensure that problems you run into when implementing and using Neos will be solved as fast as possible.

We can work hand in hand with your agency, to reduce overhead and communication issues.

We are an agency

For our clients we plan and implement websites and online applications based on Neos and Flow.

We gladly help out with planning a project, offer workshops to get your staff up to speed with Neos and do support around implementation and launch.

I am a developer

The use of Neos and Flow sounds tempting, but what if I get stuck, with a deadline swooshing by…

Our helpdesk works like an insurance against those setbacks. If you cannot solve an issue on your own, get in touch and we'll help you out.

I need training

We will soon start a project with Flow or Neos and need a training to get started or a workshop to kickstart the project.

We are all experienced developers and can help you with your first steps with Flow and Neos. We can also lay the foundations for your project together so you have a solid start.

Our Neos involvement in January 2017


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PRs created


Slack messages

Questions answered

Who we are

Karsten Dambekalns

Karsten Dambekalns

Karsten is part of the development of Flow and Neos since 2007. He considers himself a Creative Code Engineer: Developing software is–if done right–engineering, but as with most things in live, creativity gets you a long way.


Robert Lemke

Robert Lemke

A developer since the age of 13 Robert loves clean code and always tries to find a solution that tad bit better. He was instrumental to the development of TYPO3 and has been a driving force behind the development of Neos and Flow since 2005, when he started it all.

PGP Key ID: 0B8FF50A

Christian Müller

Christian Müller

Christian has more than 12 years of experience in building web based solutions, is a Neos and Flow core team member and well-known in the community for being one of the most helpful (and elegant) people around.

PGP Key ID: 638BF2FA

A short history of Flownative

Some milestones in the development of Neos and Flownative.


The Neos Foundation CIC is incorporated

The Neos Foundation CIC is backing the Neos project as a legal entity. It serves as a central point to collect funding and finance various project activities. In addition it holds the projects assets, like trademarks and right to the logo.

Read the announcement and why a CIC was chosen.


Two years of Flownative
Another year has passed and Flownative is now two years old! We continued to solve issues in projects small and large, invested hundreds of hours into Neos and Flow. And we kept having fun! Which, we think, is good.


Neos 3.0 and Flow 4.0 are released

The two releases represent a major effort of the Neos community and are a reason to celebrate. Read more about it in the release announcement.


Flownative becomes a Neos Gold supporter
It was about time, so in April Flownative became a Gold subscription sponsor of the Neos project.


One year of Flownative
Flownative turns 1 in February. The year was a very motivating journey for us. And we dare to think we managed to help our customers a lot when it comes to delivering successful projects.


Neos 2.1 is released
Neos 2.1 is released in December 2015. It contains major new features, including shared workspaces, the possibility to have changes reviewed before publication and a vastly improved way of rendering and handling thumbnails for assets.


Neos 2.0 is released
In August Neos 2.0 is released. With this release and the contained features, improvements and bug fixes, Neos becomes a greatly matured CMS - or a Content Application Platform as we see it.


Flownative is founded
Karsten, Robert and Christian join forces and found Flownative. Venturing into unknown territory they combine their passion for code, the love for the community and the desire to foster adoption of Neos and Flow.


Neos 1.1 and 1.2 are released
During the year two more minor releases of Neos packed with features and bug fixes are done. In between some patch level releases are packaged as well.


The first stable version of Neos 1.0 is released

A number of release parties around the globe–including as far away as India–are organized in December to celebrate the release of the first stable Neos release ever done.

Along with it, the underlying framework is renamed to Flow with the release of version 2.0.


The first stable version of FLOW3 1.0 is released
Back then the framework is still named FLOW3, and in October the first stable version of it was released.


Christian joins the development team
Getting into the project in 2010 Christian instantly falls in love with the coding style and decides to join the team. Shortly afterwards becoming the Community Contact for the Neos team.


Karsten joins the development full time

After already having worked with Robert for years, Karsten takes the plunge and starts to work full time on the project. Backed by the TYPO3 Association both can fully focus on research and development.


Robert starts the Neos project from scratch
Following roughly a year of research into different programming languages and frameworks, from Smalltalk to Spring, Robert starts with the first bits of what will eventually become Flow and Neos.


Meeting in Kettrup Bjerge
Members of the TYPO3 core team meet in northern Denmark for a week of discussions around the future of the TYPO3 project. A plan is made to radically refactor TYPO3 into a new version.