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    Professional Cloud Platform for Neos and Flow

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Accelerate Time to Value for your Neos Projects

Did you ever find yourself dedicating way too many hours into dealing with infrastructure issues? Let Beach do the job and save valuable time in every project.

Develop using the same Docker images which power your production website. Then deploy with a simple git push, triggering the built-in CI pipeline. Everything in a developer-friendly solution, just made for Neos and Flow, by the same folks who started the Neos project years ago.

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Flow Experience from Dev to Production

Easily Onboard New Team Members

Instead of setting up all the needed software, just use Local Beach. It's made for developing Neos projects and runs with the same versions of PHP, Nginx and Redis which are used in production.

Go from Months to Minutes

With Beach setting up a new Neos project is a matter of minutes. Set up a testing, staging and production instance in no time. Or a throw-away instance for showing off Neos to your customer.

Deploy Every Day – or Every Hour

Fixed a bug or finished a new feature? Why wait until next month? Embrace Continuous Delivery and make deployments a minor matter. A fully automated build- and deployment pipeline gives you confidence, and you can always roll back if you need to.

Handle Traffic Spikes with Confidence

You don't need to know on beforehand how much traffic will hit your Neos site. Just start with a small instance and scale up within seconds. And how about a free weekend while Beach auto-scales away the promo campaign your client didn't tell you about?

Accept Bigger Projects, with Support by the Neos Experts

If you're stuck with a problem, you can count on support by the Flownative team. Since we started the Open Source project years ago, we have been creating and using Neos on a daily basis. And we gladly share our experience with you!

Work on Tasks You Actually Like

We know you can configure a virtual host and setup a database. But there are more enjoyable things you can do in a project! We put hundreds of hours into automation, so noone needs to take the tedious jobs.

PaaS & Continuous Delivery
are Worth the Investment


less maintenance costs


lower change
failure rate


more frequent
code deployments


more fun and confidence

Beach is Built on the Excellent Work of Thousands of Open Source Developers

Beach is not a traditional hosting product: We don't operate a data center, we don't get up at night to change a disk controller, nor do we give our servers cute names.

Beach is software. We developed an event-sourced Flow application which manages a Kubernetes cluster, which in turn manages Docker containers.

But we would not create everything ourselves, because there are great solutions out there already.

It's not magic to create something like Beach. You can learn how to create a Kubernetes cluster and deploy containers.

But it is a lot of work, and literally thousands of detail problems need to be solved. Because even though the individual parts are easy, running every thing together in production is a whole different story.

We worked almost two years on Beach before we accepted paying customers. And we hope you will love what we created!

Flownative Beach is powered by

  • Portrait David Sporer / Passcreator
    David Sporer



    Passcreator is a complex application based on Flow Framework. Beach enabled us to focus: developing and selling our product while knowing that hosting the application is not a concern anymore.

    Using Beach we get all the flexibility of a scalable cloud hosting without having to care about the complexity that usually comes with it. The result is that Beach supports us to run a highly ambitious tech startup.

These fine organizations are happy with Beach

Security and Privacy

Security is a Moving Target

Every day, numerous security issues are published. And since there is a lot of software needed to power a website, there is a lot of software to keep up to date.
 We automated build and rollout processes, so we can efficiently keep PHP and all the other software on their latest versions. So you don't have to.

We Support Datensparsamkeit

We don't like the idea of companies piling up big amounts of data in order to take advantage of them.
 That's why we support initiatives for data privacy and invested quite some thoughts and work into making your data private, too.


Frequent Security Updates

The Docker images providing PHP, Nginx and other services are frequently rebuilt by our automated build system and processed by a security scanner.

Hosted in the European Union

Beach is running in a private cluster on Google Cloud Platform. We only choose data center regions within the European Union for compute, networking and storage.

HTTPS for all Instances Included

By default, we only provide access to Beach instances via HTTPS. As soon as you configure a new domain to your project, Beach automatically retrieves and installs an SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt.

GDPR Compliant

We paid special attention to make Beach fully GDPR compliant. We closed contracts for order processing (according to GDPR) with all of the subcontractors in order to protect your and our data.

  • Roland Schütz


    Code Q

    Creating a fully automated hosting solution and maintaining it on a regular basis badly pays off for an agency. Above all, we want to design and develop and not having to deal with server problems.

    Beach provides us with a hosting environment specifically optimized for Neos – with a few clicks everything is live. And with the Flownative team we have an extremely competent partner at our side, who promptly takes care of possible problems.