Neos Development with Docker

Local Beach is a development environment for Neos CMS and Flow Framework. Under the hood, it's using Docker and the official Beach Docker images (Nginx, PHP, Redis and Elasticsearch).
You don't need a Beach account nor be a Flownative customer in order to use Local Beach because Local Beach is free (as in free beer, or free coffee).

The Real Flow Experience

Setup new Projects within Minutes

Starting a new Neos project? Just let composer kickstart the code structure. Then run beach local:init / beach local:start to create the development environment. Within two minutes you can start working.

Docker File Synchronisation

Volume mounts in Docker for Mac can be quite slow, especially with bigger code bases. We solved this by intelligently synchronizing files from your Mac to the Docker container, so it's as fast as your local machine.

Docker Images Optimized for Neos & Flow

We continuously update and improve the Docker images used in Local Beach. That way, you'll have always the latest PHP versions, Redis and more, which actually work smoothly with your project.

Images and Documents

Upload and download assets from your production or staging Beach instance with a simple command, so you can work on a Neos instance locally which actually reflects the one in production.

Keep us in the Loop

We'd love to hear your feedback! How did work things out for you? Anything which went wrong? Have a question or an idea for additional features? Just write us an email to or use the chat on our website.