Software is always created to either solve a problem we have, or that a customer has. A solution to a problem that is generic enough can be useful for others, too. If that is the case, we try to publish it as a package for everyone to use freely.

Our open source packages

All the software we publish as open source is available on GitHub. This list contains all our source repositories there. If you are ever looking for something we no longer maintain at all, check the list of our archived repositories on GitHub.

Maintenance status

As software evolves, customers change and goals shift, sometimes the status of such an open source package changes. What was once an actively maintained project becomes stale and no longer works with current versions of other software. Bugs may linger longer and pull requests are ignored.

To give some guidance about the status of our own open source software packages, we defined three maintenance levels. The level assigned to each package is stated in the readme, here is an explanation of the levels.

Love – Actively used by us. Updated for Flow or Neos releases when needed. Bugfixes happen, maybe even features are implemented. Pull requests are gladly accepted. Releases are done after bugfixes or features have been merged.

Friendship – Not as actively maintained, but we'll look into pull requests. Releases are done as needed. Feature development happens rarely or when paid for.

Acquaintance – Provided "as is". No bugfixes, features oder releases to be expected, pull requests might take a while until looked in to. If you need help "now", paid work enables everything. It might be possible to transfer maintainership (ask if interested.)

Header photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash