List of Subcontractors

More possibilities through partners we trust.

Since the foundation of Flownative we have tried to outsource everything which does not belong to our core business. Because we want to keep our heads clear for the essential, stay flexible instead of hire lots employees who take care of infrastructure and paperwork.


Besides, in our opinion it hardly makes sense these days to run your own infrastructure. Telephone system or data center? There are service providers who can do that much better, because it's their core business.

On this page we keep an updated list of all subcontractors we are working with. In order to use their services, we need to provide them with certain data – depending on their area of responsibility. When it comes to personal data, we take special care to only trasmit the data really necessary ("Datensparsamkeit" is a well-known German word for a reason).

We made contracts for order processing (according to GDPR) with all of the subcontractors in order to protect your and our data.

SubcontractorServiceContactWhat for?
Auth0Identity ManagementAuth0, Inc,
10800 NE 8th Stree,
Suite 700,
Bellevue, WA 98004,
Service for centralized login and password management, used for the "Flownative ID" customer accounts.
BasecampProject management and collaboration tool Basecamp, LLC
30 North Racine Avenue,
Suite 200
Chicago, Illinois 60607,
Internal communication and coordination of projects and tasks. In some cases, for communication with our customers.
BinectMailing Binect GmbH,
Robert-Koch-Straße 9,
64331 Weiterstadt,
Sending letters (that's emails made of paper!)
FastBillAccounting tool FastBill GmbH,
Wildunger Str. 6,
60487 Frankfurt am Main,
Creating and sending quotes and invoices; management of supporting documents
Google Cloud Hosting (Google Cloud Platform)Google Cloud EMEA Ltd.,
Gordon House Barrow Street
Dublin 4
Basis for Flownative Beach. We also use Beach for our own internal systems, for example for our customer management tool.
HarvestTime tracking Iridesco, LLC,
d/b/a Harvest,
16 W 22nd St, 8th Floor,
New York, NY 10010,
United States
Project management, time and budget planning, time tracking
Zammad Help deskZammad GmbH
Marienstraße 18
10117 Berlin
Coordination of and working with customer requests and support topics.
PostmarkEmail sending tool Wildbit, LLC,
225 Chestnut St,
Philadelphia, PA,
Sending of transactional emails, like user invitations or notifications.
SentryError trackingFunctional Software, Inc.
d/b/a Sentry,
132 Hawthorne Street,
San Francisco, CA 94107,
Automated collection of errors in our infrastructure and applications.
StripePayment provider Stripe,
185 Berry Street,
Suite 550,
San Francisco, CA 94107,
Payment via credit card or SEPA direct debit
OpsGenieIncident managementAtlassian. Pty Ltd,
Level 6, 341 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Management of incidents; assignment and notification of admins who then need to come up with a solution