There are multiple options to give us access to your project or allow us to set up a development instance of it: 

  1. Grant access to git repositories
    If your project is available in a publicly accessible Git repository, feel free to deploy our support SSH key so we can check out the codebase. If you are using Github or Gitlab just grant access on the repository to the user flownative. Please keep in mind that we also need access to the repositories of further private packages you might be using. It should be possible to set up the project in a new directory using git clone followed by composer install to fetch the needed dependencies.
  2. Package the project as ZIP archive
    If access to a Git repository is not (easily) possible, you can also supply it to us as a ZIP archive. Please put te archive in a place that is accessible for us, like on your webserver (do not use an easy to guess file name) or in Dropbox or Google Drive.
  3. Grant access to development server
    If the first two ways are not an option, you may give us access to your development server. You should allow access for our support SSH key. As a last resort you may also send us a password

It is important that you package your website or application in such a way that we–ideally–have access to the same content or data like you. In case of a Neos project you should export the content into your site package using ./flow site:export. You can also provide a MySQL or PostgreSQL dump.

If there is anything special about your project we must know, please provide as precise instructions as possible on how to get it up and running.