The neos/googleanalytics package connects to Google using a token for authentication. That token stored in a cache using a filesystem backend by default. Since Beach instances use ephemeral storage, the token would be lost after each deployment if it is stored in the container's file system.

If the database is used instead, the tokens will survive deployments and you Google Analytics integration will continue to work.

Using a DB cache backend for the tokens

Configuring the package to use a database-backed cache in Beach is easy: all it takes is providing the necessary information in a file called Caches.yaml and deploy it as part of your Neos distribution.

In your Neos project, create a new file Caches.yaml in the global configuration directory of your project. We recommend putting the configuration into Configuration/Production/Caches.yaml. If you have a Caches.yaml file already, edit it instead.

Then copy and paste the following YAML configuration into your new file:

  backend: Flownative\BeachFlowCompanion\Cache\PdoBackend