Sitegeist.MagicWand offers a way to clone a remote Flow/Neos setup into the local Flow/Neos installation that executes the command.

If you are using Beach, but for some reason do not (or can not) use Local Beach, then Sitegeist.MagicWand is also usable with Beach.

This is an example config, to get you started:

        host: instance-__redacted__.beach-project-__redacted__
        user: beach
        port: 22
        sshOptions: '-J'
        path: /application
        context: Production/Beach/Instance
          - './flow domain:deactivate "*"'
          - './flow domain:add --site-node-name acmecom --hostname'
          - './flow user:delete --assume-yes "*"'
          - './flow user:create --roles Administrator admin admin Admin Admin'
          - './flow user:create --roles Editor editor editor Editor Editor'
          subdivideHashPathSegment: false
            CURLOPT_USERPWD: __redacted__:__redacted__

Example settings for Sitegeist.MagicWand

  • In line 4 you can use whatever makes sense to identify the preset.
  • In line 5 you need to use your own instance and project identifier.
  • In  lines 12 to 16 you see an example to adjust the cloned site so it runs locally. Change that as needed for your case.
  • In line 18 you need to set the domain to match your project.
  • In line 21 is an example to set basic auth credentials for the resource proxy, in case you have protection enabled.