The Neos Conference 2018 in Hamburg is just two weeks away, as is the workshop we are giving on the day before. And tickets are still available!

On April 13th the Neos Conference 2018 starts and will bring you two days of Neos talks, networking and an all-around great experience. And on the day before, April 12th, we will hold a pre-conference workshop.

In this applied workshop we will work with data import and search in Neos. Why? Because today more data than ever on websites is generated or available in other systems, and not written by editors. Just think about product data or events.

The first part of the workshop will deal with importing external data into nodes and entities and the pros and cons of both approaches and how a hybrid construct combines the best of both worlds.

In the second part we will have a deeper look at Elasticsearch integration in Neos and create our own index, work with custom analysers and create filters for a search to name some examples. You will see how much can be accomplished with understanding Elasticsearch and using it directly.

The example we will use will integrate a product database into Neos, but the knowledge can be applied to all kinds of information.

Tickets for both–the conference as well as the workshopare still available!