The first Meet Neos was a blast, and the second is at the end of this month. If you live near Zürich, Switzerland, you should attend if you have ever heard of Neos. And even more, if you haven't!x

Meet Neos is an event aimed at bringing (future) Neos users and experts together. It allows to ask anything about Neos, from simple questions (does it support X?) to advanced technical issues (what if I want to run it on a cluster with Redis for caching behind a SSL-terminating load balancer?). There are agencies around, other users and even member of the Neos development team.

With this profile it is an awesome opportunity to learn about Neos, and why your next project might benefit from using it.

Flownative will be at the Meet Neos event in Zürich. Christian Müller and Robert Lemke will be there to answer your questions about Neos (and of course the services of Flownative) and will present on stage as well.

If you are still unsure about going, and don't have a ticket yet, here is a special treat: Win a free ticket to Meet Neos in Zürich! All you need to do is participate in our raffle …

We hope to see you in Zürich!