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Which plans do I need to get started?

Just start simple: Choose a project plan which fits your needs, and that's probably all you need to get going. If you don't need time critical support, just start the "Solo" organization plan. If you later on need more instances for demo, staging and so on, you can still launch more instances. But for starters, just choosing a project plan is all you need.

Can I access my Beach instance via SSH?

Yes. Even though your Beach instances are in fact always moving Docker containers which are located somewhere in our clusters, you can login via SSH through our central SSH gateway. Here's a guide about that.

Fusion: How can I check if Neos is running in Production context?

Flow and Neos are running in a context like "Production/Beach/Instance". Therefore, if you retrieve the setting in Fusion using Configuration.setting('Neos.Flow.core.context') you will get exactly that string. If you'd like to know if it is a Production or Development context, you need to compare with a sub string instead: 

String.substr(Configuration.setting('Neos.Flow.core.context'), 0, 10) == 'Production'

How do I use a IDN / umlaut / special character domain name in Beach?

You can easily do that if you enter the ACE-String (ASCII form) of the domain name in the user interface. DENIC has a simple converter for this task: