Papertrail is a log management tool which centralizes all your logs, makes them searchable and lets you define criteria for being notified by other services. A service like Papertrail is a great addition to your Beach project:

  • it stores your log files at a place outside of your container. That's important because all files - including log files - which are stored in your instance containers will be gone after the next deployment.
  • it aggregates logs from multiple containers and sources. If you are scaling your instances to multiple replicas, you'll want a single place to look at when searching for the cause of a problem.
  • it makes your logs searchable. Wondering what happened to your Neos website last night at 1am? Or when a particular error happened the last time? 


Enabling Papertrail for your project is easy. First, sign up for a Papertrail account at papertrailapp.com. For many purposes (a typical Neos site or Flow app), you'll only need the free plan.

Next, log in to Beach, go to one of your projects and choose the "Add-Ons" tab. Select the Papertrail add-on and enter your Papertrail API token (you'll find that in your account profile).

That's it!

Instance Logs

All instances of your project will have logging enabled.
The change takes effect the next time your deploy your instance.

You'll find a notice about the Papertrail system ID in your instance details.

The system name initially will be your instance's identifier. Feel free to rename the system in the Papertrail user interface to something more handy, for example the domain of your website.