Flownative Beach does not allow outbound connections on port 25. By default, this outbound SMTP port is blocked because of the large amount of abuse it is susceptible to. However, there are other ports you can use to submit emails to trusted third-party providers such as SendGrid, Mailgun, or Mailjet – or even better, you use their API, which will free you from any port issues.

Email services which work well with Beach

Generally, you can use any email service which offers alternatives to the mentioned blocked port. In practice you will likely use Swiftmailer to send emails from your Neos website or Flow application. Swiftmailer supports different kinds of transports, the most universal being the SMTP transport.

Instead of using your own email server, we recommend using an email service which is specialized on sending automated emails, such as mailing list or inquiries. The following services work have been successfully tested with Beach:

You might also want to try the different APIs which provide you with some more functionality, including receiving emails or notfications on bouncing emails.