How do you write a blog post about a new button? Or, a new switch to be precise? If it wasn't a feature I have longed for quite a while, I wouldn't even consider writing a post. But to all of you happy Beach user out there, here's our TGIF-present: Automatic Deployments!

Now, whenever a build is finished for your instance, you can tell Beach to automatically deploy the result right away. No matter if you triggered the build through a trigger (for example via Gitlab or Github) or manually through the "Check for new commits" button. If automatic deployments are turned on, deployments will be made automatically. And if you prefer to press the button yourself, then, well, you just turn automatic deployments off.

In practice automatic deployments mean: you don't need to log in to the Beach user interface in order to get your latest code live. Just like it should be.

Screenshot of the automatic deployment switch

Automatic deployments and triggers are available in all project plans, except for Micro, which isn't really meant for fancy feats like automation.

Happy automating!