Last year at the Neos Conference, Derick Rethans presented a proof of concept which added a path mapping feature to Xdebug, making debugging of Flow and Neos applications much easier.

You can watch a recording of that session on the Neos CMS YouTube channel.

This is one of the most requested improvements related to testing and debugging Flow and a long time after I first spoke about this with Derick some years ago, we now can make this happen.

However, since it is a complex task, Derick needs some funding for this. He described the project in detail (see this Google Doc) and estimated that he needs a budget of £ 12.000 for the development.

Someone from the Wordpress community also expressed interest in the feature and offered to sponsor £ 5.000. We at Flownative continued this with 500 €. So, are you – as part of the Neos community – in as well?

The Neos Foundation set up an Xdebug Neos Support Sponsor badge to order at the Onetime Badges section of the shop.

About two weeks later we had managed to collect almost 5000 €. However… we haven’t reached our funding goal yet – we still need roughly 2.500 €. Given the importance to our development tool chain, aren’t there any more companies who’d like to invest into this feature?

I hope that we can mobilize some more!

I’m very much looking forward for smooth debugging sessions with Neos and Flow!


Rubber Duck photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash