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Lifeguard – Neos Helpdesk

With our Flownative Lifeguard Helpdesk services we provide you with all the help you need with your Flow and Neos projects. The best Flow and Neos developers are just an email away to help you you out when you need it. And helps you to keep to your deadlines and deliver a great solution for your customers.

Dockyard – Neos Development

Some projects need an extra feature – in the core of Neos.
You are not sure if that weird behaviour you see is actually a bug?
And wouldn't it be nice to have that code reviewed?

Beach – Neos Cloud Hosting Platform

We always wished that there was a cloud hosting platform for Neos. A platform which provided us with all a Neos developer could dream of.
That's why we created Beach.

Consulting, Coaching, Sales

Project Support

As technology advances and projects get bigger, external support is not only nice to have, but sometimes crucial to the success of a project. Why not hire some of the most deeply involved developers in the Neos community?
See, that's what we thought.


To get your next project on track from the start, we help you with our expertise in best practices around Neos. Still in the planning phase? We provide guidance with content-first project development. Already won the pitch? We can assist with architecture, development and deployment.

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Little beats a hands-on workshop when it comes to getting up to speed with a new technology. We offer workshops for integrators and developers on all things Flow and Neos. In-house, tailored to your needs.
Or, if that suits you better, we do remote one-on-one coaching via voice and screen sharing. Your choice.

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Some consider a new product more of a risk than others. If you need help during the sales process, feel free to get in touch with us regarding sales support.
We will honestly answer questions around existing and missing features of Neos and assess needed investments to avoid bad surprises.

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